Striving Towards the Olympic Trials 2020

Lucie Beatrix

I have a giant plastic bin in storage. Inside of it lives old torn out magazine sheets and comp cards, as well as a few thick, weathered, agency portfolios. There, pressed between glossy pages, are various depictions of my likeness throughout the past decade. Sometimes it’s hard to recognize myself, decked in designer threads and …

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The Weight Of Losing A Friend


A little less than a decade ago, I stumbled into a drop-in hot vinyasa yoga class. Almost immediately, I was hooked. There, between a bunch of sweaty bodies in a crowded studio, I met a girl with whom I shared a lot of interests: art, writing, traveling— but mostly investigating the secret lives of our …

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Picking Up The Pace


Lucie Beatrix interviews world-class coach Brad Hudson. I got a chance to catch up with one of the most reputable running coaches in the industry, Brad Hudson, of Hudson Elite; an Olympic Development running group in Boulder, CO. Hudson is the author of “Run Faster,” a best-selling training handbook, offering world-class guidance. His coaching has taken athletes to …

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