FullSizeRender (1)Lucie Beatrix is a Brooklyn-based athlete represented by Sports & Lifestyle Unltd.

197304_142255695841084_2944124_nAs a teen, she had the opportunity work under contract with one of the most reputable modeling agencies in the world Ford Models. Along with this shift came a lot of demanding work, including traveling the world to perform in an incredibly competitive market. She found herself most at home amidst the frenzy and excitement of New York City and decided to stay put there.

Those first few years of living alone, far away from her family in the Midwest, were a little rough… but that’s when she embarked on a mission of fostering health and happiness, committing to living mindfully. She got obsessed with being optimal and telling the stories about what motivates her to run far and fast.

In her first big sanctioned race, Lucie placed top 10 in one of the largest female half-marathons in the world, the More/Shape Half in Central Park. Since then, she has run for the local competitive team North Brooklyn Runners.

Lucie is committed to sharing a message about how to lead a rewarding, sustainable life, but mostly to have fun. She earnestly believes that hard work, mindfulness, eating well, and making stuff is the key to being a happy healthy human.



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