Striving Towards the Olympic Trials 2020

Lucie Beatrix

I have a giant plastic bin in storage. Inside of it lives old torn out magazine sheets and comp cards, as well as a few thick, weathered, agency portfolios. There, pressed between glossy pages, are various depictions of my likeness throughout the past decade. Sometimes it’s hard to recognize myself, decked in designer threads and …

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Running With The Best In the World


On May 14, 2016 I ran the UAEHK 10k in Central Park. This was my first race with the North Brooklyn Runners Women’s Competitive Squad. It was exhilarating running the course with world-class athletes like Lucas Rotich, Wilson Chebet, Zane Roberton, Alex Monroe, Scott Bauhs, Diane Nukuri, and several more. The best part? RUNNING WITH …

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A New Chapter As A Competitive Athlete


A New Chapter As A Competitive Athlete Last Sunday at 8 a.m., about 7,500 women took off from the starting line of the More/Shape Half Marathon in Central Park. The field included Olympians and professional runners, most of whom started the race at the front of the pack in the “elite” group. This was my …

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Just Run


On Sunday April 17, I will run in the 13th Annual MORE/SHAPE Women’s Half Marathon. 10,000 women of all ages and backgrounds will run in Central Park to celebrate everything female. I couldn’t be more excited. While I’ve been training hard for the race, I’ve thought a lot about what I do to keep improving …

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Skin Deep


If you’ve ever had acne, you know how traumatizing it can be. I’ve struggled with my skin since the 5th grade. Pimples, blackheads, and acne scars started cropping up and stuck around until my early twenties. At first, I didn’t know what to do. I started wearing makeup to hide my red bumpy cheeks and …

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Reinventing My Childhood Comfort Food


As a kid, I lived on noodles. They were my favorite meal. I’d come home from school, make a big bowl, and eat them plain in front of the TV. I could never stop after one bowl, either. Since then I’ve grown into a plant-based lifestyle. Even though it doesn’t include eggs or wheat, I …

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Is Your Mentor A Sugar Daddy In Disguise?


Many ambitious young women face the allure of having older, successful men who want to invest in their future. Women out to be entrepreneurs or to pursue creative endeavors — from screenplays to start-ups to clothing companies — are eager to have someone to bounce their ideas off of. Or, potentially, to get involved financially. …

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5 Little Girls Under 5: 20 Years Later


Reunited for the holidays, our family recreated an old photo of when we were little. Throughout the years, we have had: 60 Birthdays 35 cell phones 14 Cars 10 Vacuum Cleaners 10 Cats 4 Dogs 1 Broken Bone 30 Boyfriends 7 Proposals 1 Wedding 7,300 sleepless nights for our poor father.