Taking Wrong Turns, Ending Up in the Right Place

People are right when they say there’s nothing in New York that beats Los Angeles in the winter. It’s nice being greeted in the morning with sunshine, sandwiched between the mountains and the beach. I’ve only been here a week and a half, and I feel like I’m kicking off 2013 right. Which is to say, I’m enjoying my morning coffee and fresh fruit at an outdoor café in the middle of January.

There has been, of course, no end to the fast-paced hectic lifestyle I had back in New York. The days here have been jam-packed. The first night with my rental car I made my way, white-knuckled, down the freeway, cursing up a storm. It’s going to take a lot of adjusting, but I’m learning. Today as I fumbled through my purse looking for my parking ticket, I awkwardly apologized to the parking attendant since I have accumulated so many parking stubs and tickets I have to remember to hold onto. Pay, park, validate. Repeat.

I hit the ground running since the agency had castings all lined up, and that meant hours spent in the car. Instead of missing the ease with which I hopped the subway from casting to casting, I’m grateful for the space. I like how you can create your own little oasis in your automobile. It feels like a luxury not having to lug around my heavy portfolio.

I’m also learning my way around the culture of a whole new city. Here I am in LA with my New York wardrobe: every shade of black a girl could want. It’s the feeling of being a new face again, trying to learn from the girls I see at castings. I’ve been changing it up with bright plaids and loving the light layers.

I’m not worried about getting myself so turned around. Despite it all, I feel like I’ve ended up in a pretty good place. It’s always hard being somewhere new, but I don’t worry about things out of my control. A few nights ago at a fashion show I walked, I spied Selena Gomez, Chelsea Handler and Rachel Zoe. If I can’t stop smiling ear to ear when I’m getting lost, I can’t wait until I’ve gotten this whole west coast thing figured out.

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