5 Docs To Turn On, Tune In, & Watch Now

Get ready to feed your head.

Here are 5 alternative documentaries that will teach you about ancient civilizations, shamanic plant medicine, and exploring the mind.


“Entheogen — Awakening the Divine Within.”

This film presents use of ancient shamanic psychoactive plants to unite humanity and alleviate modern ecological crises.

“Diabla Blanca”

This investigates the Huichol, an indigenous tribe in Mexico as they religiously use the sacred peyote plant.

“The Men of the Fifth World”

This film is a fascinating depiction of the rich culture of the Australian aboriginals who are destined to become extinct.

“ESP in Altered States”

Dr. Stanley Krippner explains his research executed at the Maimonides Dream Research lab in Brooklyn, NY in the 1960s. The lab set out to prove that in altered states of consciousness, phenomena such as telepathy, pre-cognition, out of body experiences and clairvoyance were scientific possibilities.

“Healing and the Mind: The Mystery of Chi”

This sheds light on the powerful effects of emotion on health, and what researchers are discovering about modern healthcare.

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