5 Things Every Aspiring Model Should Know

Find out what professionals in the modeling industry say to aspiring models.


Lucie Beatrix at Milk Studios, NYC

Educate yourself on the REALITY of the industry, not what you see on reality television. Unfortunately there is not a book or manual you can read to be a successful model but do your research. Look at blogs like models.com or style.com; read up on the agencies before you send photos, know what they are looking for and how you can fit in. If you are 5’4 and trying to be a fashion model, the REALITY is that you are too tiny in height but the commercial world could be a fantastic fit.” -Marissa Surmenkow, model agent

Don’t get caught up in comparing your career to anyone else’s; every model will have their own unique and individual journey through this industry because we all look different.  Every model has something different to offer, so no two careers will align perfectly. Know who you are and what you want; be happy and be humble, be the person you want to be, and no matter what you want to do in life, whether it be modeling or any other passion, it will naturally blossom.” -Alison Hamilton, model

If this is something you are wanting to pursue, give yourself some time to actually focus on it. I see a lot of models who do it for 2 months in the summer, then go back to school, then do it for a couple months. That’s hard, because I think you need to get the ball rolling, go market to market, and try to get a snowball effect.”  -Charan Andreas, model

Patience. If you steadily improve and always strive to get better in all areas of life, the work will follow. But you have to have trust and determination. So many people want this amazing career with major campaigns and this and that— immediately. They don’t realize that they aren’t ready for it, and it won’t last because of it.  Build a career.”  -Logan Macrae, model

You’ve got to have an end goal with modeling. You have to think about what you want to do with it before you get into it. You’ve got to be working towards a goal because that’s what keeps you going in this industry. Go into modeling with an open mind and figure out what truly makes you happy and pursue that with all your heart. In the end, life’s only about happiness and love, big campaign or not.” —Mark Perini, model and author

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