I interview Latina’s Next Top Model, Veronica Jacques image How did you get started modeling 7 years ago? I started in LA with Q Models by walking in to an open call with one of my best friends.  It was her idea.  I had been when I was much younger and just got a bunch of “no’s” so I wasn’t really excited about doing it again. What is your favorite thing about the job? I love the opportunity to travel.  The pay is really nice too.  I love when we fly somewhere for a shoot or fashion show— it’s so much fun.  I think it’s super fun when I get an email saying, “You’re going here for a show and you’re getting paid this amount.”  The way I think it sounds more like, “Hey Veronica, guess what?!?! You’re going on a mini-vacation and we are going to pay you for it.  Hey also we are going to take pictures of you in the best locations in the city, LOL FOR REALZ!!!!” What role does social media play in your career? Social media plays a big part.  Everyone is on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Twitter is a where a lot of people get their news ;).  Instagram is where a lot of people get to see my work and what I’m doing with my life.  It’s also pretty fun since I like to check out what my other model friends are doing, too.  Social media is a fast way to stay connected. Describe the craziest shoot you ever had. The shoot wasn’t really crazy, but the other model was a little CRAY-CRAY.  We were shooting on a beautiful location— very Spanish style Santa Barbara, Cali.  The model was sooooo negative.   All she talked about was down on everyone.  It didn’t end until the wrap of the shoot which lasted about three days.  It was SO bad that I had nightmares.  Thankfully my boyfriend at the time woke me up from them…. What do you do when you aren’t modeling? OMG!  I’m kinda all over the place.  If I’m in work-mode, I’m in my office posting, working on shooting, making vision boards, e-mailing bookers, or trying to get images from a shoot.  Outside work, I LOVEEEEE being in the kitchen, as I’m a pretty good cook.  I love cooking for my friends and family.  It’s fun— the look on their face when they try something.  I also love the park, running my tows in the grass and just snuggling with the earth.  I also do meditation which is so mind-clearing.  There are so many random things that I do, it just depends on my mood and the day. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? In 10 years I will be the more advanced me.  Hopefully by then I will have started to make my way into movies and start my acting career. I see myself already making 4 movies and you can always catch me at the Oscars or in the cinema. :)  I really want to master my modeling and be the face of a lot of great beauty companies, designers, and brands. What do you do to stay down to earth? When it’s crazy, it’s wild.  I do one thing at a time.  I remember to eat, and do everything step by step.  A lot of people think that everything is moving sooooooo fast— that there’s no time. When really, you can slow everything down with your mind.  Breathe and come in tune to where you are at this very moment and Voila.  Also, my family and friends cool me down.  They’re very helpful with whatever mood I’m in when I’m in need of help.  I love them soooooo much. What advice do you have for aspiring models? I love spending time with models because we inspire each other.  A wise person once told me that the person in from of you is teaching you something and I think that they are so right.  I volunteered to help out a class for a youth group inspiring kids to start working in the industry.  I was the teacher, little did they know that they were teaching me.  The room was a big group of dreamers, working on making this a reality.  It was such a great class and everyone left feeling sooooo good and ready.  Because we really are ready.  We can do anything. VOTE FOR VERONICA Follow her on Insta @veronicajacques Tweet questions or comments to A Real Model Host, @LucieB_1

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