Reinventing My Childhood Comfort Food

As a kid, I lived on noodles. They were my favorite meal. I’d come home from school, make a big bowl, and eat them plain in front of the TV. I could never stop after one bowl, either.

Since then I’ve grown into a plant-based lifestyle. Even though it doesn’t include eggs or wheat, I can still have my childhood comfort food in massive amounts. Whether you’re gluten-free, vegan, low-cal, grain-free, wheat-free, or egg-free– zoodles taste just as good as the real thing.



A zoodle is a faux noodle made from zucchini. They can also be made from other kinds of veggies like beets (boodles), yellow squash (yoodles), jicama (joodles), and sweet potato (…poodles?).




Usually, a mechanical contraption called a spiralizer is used to churn them out. I haven’t gotten around to purchasing one yet, but with a little elbow grease, I realized I can make my own guilt-free pasta with a 50 cent potato peeler and my own two hands.

First, I peeled the summer squash long-ways, just like I would a potato. This provided wide, flat strands. It can be tricky peeling, and I messed up a bunch, but it got easier the more I did it.



Then my roommate came in the kitchen and informed me that you can actually peel them with the tip of the peeler to make tinier, spaghetti-like strings. This sounds like a great way to zoodle, but I decided that I wanted mine wide and flat resembling the egg noodles of my childhood.

I boiled some water while I was peeling, and tossed the long golden ribbons in the steamer. Within 5 minutes they were perfectly al dente.


With a dash of salt n’ peppa, I served them beside a colorful assortment of other steamed veggies. Zoodles can be seasoned any way that you would normal pasta, but I’ve kept mine pretty simple. I added some beans and grabbed some herbs from our rooftop for a little extra flair.

After indulging in seconds and thirds, I was beyond satisfied. I started planning out the other ways I could prepare them. There is endless zoodling potential by adding different spices and sauces, as well as playing with peeling methods.

While planning my future zoodle endeavors, my smug-looking boyfriend patted his full belly. He said, “Honey, I like ’em thick.”


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