Interview: Lights, Camera, Maxion!

On Thursday, Nov. 6, Ian Maxion — photographer at Maxion (rhymes with Action) Studios — showcased his latest work at the uber-trendy Pale Violet boutique in downtown LA. Tucked in between historic buildings and buzzing gastropubs, the eclectic shop hosted a glamorous night of art, music and mingling with some of LA’s most interesting fashion people.
While Ian’s work is initially breathtaking, a closer look reveals intricate lighting technique and careful attention to detail.   Ian isn’t afraid to take risks when it comes to capturing bold shapes and colors, and he certainly pulls it off.  Some of my favorite pictures are of the natural and free-spirited actress and musician, Leighton Meester.  
I had the pleasure of shooting a denim story with Ian a few weeks ago along with with fellow Ford LA model, Jacob Sones.  Some of those very images hung before guests to observe over mimosas and tequila silver.
Along with laughing and enjoying myself at the event, I pulled aside Ian and Pale Violet owner, Julia Blake, to interview for my docu-series In the Company of Idea People, premiering this winter.

IMG_0205Event images by Chris Toledo.
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