What I Drink To Play Hard

As I’ve cut down on drinking so much coffee, I’ve been experimenting with alternative beverages to fuel my hustle. Tea is the best thing for beating beverage blues and getting a hydration high.

Guayasa, matcha, and yerba mate are a few kinds of teas that have the same boost as coffee and get me up and running. Especially between workouts and in this scorching summer heat, I need something to recharge and reboot my system when I’m on the move. As I scavenge the supermarkets, I look for affordable and clean products without the added chemicals or processed sugars.

Running on

After running 10 swift miles the other day, I went to take yoga to cool down. I showed up to the class an hour early, so I wandered into Westside Market on Third Avenue. Looking for something to restore and rejuvenate, I perused the drink aisle which must’ve had a couple hundred brands of iced teas.

When it comes to investigating ingredients, I’m a tough sell. With so many choices, I took fifteen air-conditioned minutes to examine multiple labels. As soon as I see the words “aspartame,” “sucralose,” or “high fructose corn syrup,” it’s a deal breaker.

Finally, I stumbled upon a drink that lived up to my high standards on paper: Minimal ingredients, enticing flavors, and conducive to my starving artist budget.

I plucked a chilly Arteasan’s Peach Rosemary tea off the shelf and proceeded to checkout. Like Charlie finding the Golden Ticket, I left Westside Market eager to find a place to indulge. Met with the fiery depths of outside, I found a random bench.

IMG_2586 (1)

I sat down and cracked open a cold one after what felt like a hard day’s work, except it was noon and I was in yoga pants. Luscious flavors of peach and rosemary mixed with just the right amount of boost from the yerba mate filled my entire body with and elevated pep. The goofy grin on my face alerted East Villagers walking by that I was happy, and I knew it.


Drinking yerba mate is a great way to feel alert without the jitteriness from coffee. I’ve noticed how dehydrating and tense I feel when I have too much coffee. Amongst the yerba mates available on the market, hardly any companies sweeten their products with a blend of stevia and agave like Arteasan does. The low calorie count, at 15 a serving, isn’t huge concern of mine with all the calorie burning I do, but it does make room for all the avocados and chocolate I knew I’d be enjoying later.

For two bucks, I had a mini-blissful moment followed by a solid class. I will relive the entire experience the next time I’m between workouts. I’m anticipating giving the Blueberry & Ginseng Black Tea a try, but to be honest I will probably opt for the Peach & Rosemary Yerba Mate again since it’s just that good. This stuff is great whether you are an athletic urban inhabitant, or just looking for some afternoon zing.IMG_2592 (1)

I’d love to know what you think! Try @arteasanantea and let me know!

Read more about Arteasan Tea over at arteasan.com.

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